Tips for Helping Your Loved One Transition

Even after you have found the perfect assisted living facility for your loved one, the transition of moving into it is often difficult for them. They might have mixed feelings about leaving a home they shared with a partner who is now gone and the memories associated with it. They may also fear the unknown that comes along with a change in lifestyle. Ravenswood Care Center offers a distinctly homey environment with an attentive and caring staff. They know that once your loved one gets over the adjustment period, they will flourish in their new surroundings. There are many simple steps you can take to help make this transition easier for them.

  • Help With PackingPacking is one of the most laborious and dreaded aspects of moving. Offer to help your loved one with this, but as long as they are mentally able let them take the reins while you act as the workhorse. Start by asking them how they want to sort everything, for example, things to keep and things to get rid of. Do not judge their decisions and work with them to get the job done. This also allows you some added quality time with your loved one.
  • Get Excited – Ask the facility for a list of activities and a schedule before your loved one moves in. Talk about these events with them and encourage them to plan on getting involved. For example, Ravenswood Care Center offers trips to the library, this is something to highlight if your loved one is an avid reader. Get excited about the activities for them and they may begin to look forward to them as well.
  • Help Them Get Settled – Help them set up their new accommodations. As with packing, you should let them take the lead on this aspect. Hang their pictures on the wall, or make their bed but let them decide where items should go. You want your loved one to begin experiencing their independence in this facility as soon as possible, so pay attention to any indications they want you to leave.
  • Organize a House Warming Celebration – Plan a small gathering to celebrate your loved one’s new home about a week after they move in. Ask them if there is anyone from the facility they want you to invite. An inclusive party is a great way for them to make more friends. Gifts like family memorabilia help them adjust to their new surroundings.
  • Spend Time Together – Take time out of your busy week to see your loved one as often as possible. Having lunch at the senior assisted living facility is a great way for you to stay involved in their life and meet their new friends. Show genuine interest in what they are doing and keep them informed on your life as well. Go on outings together from time to time. Let them know that they are still a priority in your life. Although the facility will provide transportation, make the effort to go to doctor’s appointments with your loved one. This will ensure that you have a comprehensive knowledge of their health and emphasizes that you care.