Respite Care

The Benefits of Respite Care and Their Caregivers

Taking care of your elderly loved ones can be fulfilling, but there are times when you need a break or when your attention is needed somewhere else. Enlisting the help of a respite care facility can give you the flexibility you need to ensure your loved ones get the best care while you take a break or attend to other matters.

In-Home Care

Image of an in-home respite care nurse serving a meal to a senior.Respite care is a form of short-term replacement care to provide temporary relief to the primary caregiver of an elderly individual. It provides a number of benefits to both the elderly individual and his or her caregivers. For instance, with home respite care, elderly individuals do not have to go into nursing homes, since these services can be provided at home. A care worker visits the home where the elderly individual lives and provides the care and support needed while the primary caregiver is away.

For most people, the provision of home respite care is a good alternative to housing their elderly loved ones in nursing homes or assisted living facilities since they are taken care of in the comfort of their homes. This can be done on a one-off or regular basis, which means that as the primary caregiver, you have the opportunity to attend regular events even on a weekly basis. Live-in support may also be provided for up to a few weeks if needed.

Out-of-Home Care

Respite care services can also be arranged in an assisted living facility where the elderly individual being cared for would stay for a given period of time, which can usually be up to three months. A major benefit of getting respite care in such a facility is that they typically have easy access to emergency facilities and assistance when needed. This can be of particular help in unforeseen situations, such as when the primary caregiver goes into hospital for an extended period.

Another benefit of out-of-home elderly respite care is the fact that your loved one will have the opportunity to interact with more people while you are away. Centers providing this type of care usually operate in an environment that is safe, cheerful and supportive. They also have planned activities that can help to promote the wellbeing of your loved one. It is also worth noting that it usually costs less to bring your elderly into the institution’s housing than to have a professional caregiver come to your home.

Most communities have adult day care programs that may be helpful and affordable, but it is important to find out whether a particular program or facility would adequately meet the needs of your loved one.

Benefits for Family Members

Image of nurse smiling while giving elderly respite care in an assisted living facility.Elderly respite care provides many benefits for both seniors and their caregivers. It provides the opportunity for both parties to take a break from what could quickly become a stressful situation. As a caregiver, it is important to get regular relief from the pressure of taking care of your elderly to avoid getting frustrated or exhausted. The elderly would also benefit from the opportunity to interact with others who are not their primary caregivers, which in turn boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Family members or relatives who choose to care for their elderly usually take on a lot of responsibilities. This is especially the case if the elderly individual is suffering from a condition such as dementia. Naturally, as a caregiver in such a situation, you would become increasingly tired, which could compromise your ability to provide proper care for your loved one. As such, regular breaks are recommended to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed, thus ensuring you are able to provide continuous support to your elderly.

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