Senior Assisted Living

Talking With Your Parents About Senior Assisted Living Care

As your parents age, you may begin to worry about their ability to live alone. Fears over falls, taking a variety of medications, driving, and eating well can keep you up at night. Broaching the subject is often difficult as your parent may have emotional ties to their home and fears losing their independence. A Ravenswood assisted living facility is a great option because it allows your loved one the independence they desire, along with the safety and services you want for them. Here are some tips for how to talk with your parents about moving into an assisted living facility.

Begin the Discussion Before it is a Necessity

Image of woman talking about senior assisted living care with her mother.It’s important for your parent’s emotional welfare that they feel this is their decision. It’s best to begin the discussion before it’s absolutely necessary for them to have around the clock care, such as after a traumatic fall or memory loss. Some assisted living centers allow their residents to age in place allowing your parent to start out fully independent, enjoying dual or single occupancy apartment-style lodgings, and receive more services and care from the registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurses assistants, and resident assistants on staff as their needs progress.

Wait until the Opportunity Presents Itself

While you may want to jump into the process of finding a facility and move your parent in immediately, it is important that they emotionally prepare themselves and agree that this is a good decision. One way to do this is to highlight the benefits when they come up in natural conversations; for example, if your parent is complaining that they do not talk to their friends much or wish they could get out more. Take this time to gently mention that an assisted living facility offers many opportunities for socialization and outings. Let them talk out their concerns and address them in an understanding manner.

Tour Senior Assisted Living Facilities Together

Your parent will adjust better if they feel included in the selection process and find a Ravenswood assisted living facility which they are happy with. Only look at facilities which are close by. This makes it more convenient for you to visit often and allows additional comfort if they are familiar with the surrounding area.

When touring the facility make sure it feels homey rather than like an institution. Pay attention to cleanliness and the happiness and activity of the residents. Ask the assisted living care facility if you can stay for a meal. This will allow your parent to test the food, and see if they like the quality. Remind them how nice it is to not have to worry about cooking for themselves every night. It also lets them see how the residents interact with each other during meal time.

If your parent doesn’t know anyone at the facility, tell the staff member giving the tour a little bit about your parent’s interests ahead of time and ask them if they can introduce your parent to a resident with similar interests. During the meal is a great time for this meeting to occur. It is always easier to make the transition if they feel like they have friends there. Contact us today.