Assisted Living Homes

Assisted Living Homes: As Comfortable as Your Home

If you or your loved one is ready to move into a Ravenswood assisted living facility, the space might be much smaller than you are used to. There is less room for furniture, decorations, and some other large possessions. However, a living arrangement which is compact does not have to be impersonal or uncomfortable.

Photo showing nurse helping a senior in assisted living homesSafety

First and foremost is safety—creating an environment which does not pose unnecessary hazards to your physical well-being. Slippery rugs and tables that are low to the ground or lined with sharp edges are often disallowed in assisted living homes. Professionals there will help you arrange furniture so that your most commonly used items are easily accessed.


Assisted living specialists know how to respect people’s most treasured belongings as they move into a new home. Giving things up is difficult as you transition into a smaller space but there is always room for negotiation. Try to incorporate the most valuable possessions as you arrange the new area. Although some items are unpractical, retaining as many sentimental items as possible can make the place feel like home.


Regular visits from loved ones can make the assisted living patient feel spectacular, especially if he or she is used to seeing relatives frequently. Children and grandchildren should drop by as much as a loved one wants, meanwhile bringing some entertaining items. The experience should be interactive and pleasant, emulating to some extent the life an elderly individual had before. Filling the new space with mementos and photographs can help in this way, so that visitors outside the family can have congenial conversations with the resident.


What most aforementioned aspects of a new residence boil down to is a feeling of familiarity. If home is where you rest your head, the stresses of feeling uncomfortable in a new place will not allow for relaxation. Aging naturally brings on nostalgia, which means familiar elements can be the most comforting aspect of a new place. Little things like linens from the original home and a nightstand can serve as small reminders and make sleeping more comfortable.

Special Touches

Finally, there are a few special touches you can add to an assisted living care residence to finalize the homey feel. Candles, works of art, or flower arrangements can act as great comforts. Besides the homey touches, a luxurious gift can spark the excitement, pride, and comfort needed to feel at home in a new place. Although assisted living spaces are smaller than the houses people are accustomed to, personal touches should never be sacrificed. Contact us today.