Assisted Living

The Benefits of Ravenswood Assisted Living Care

Assisted living homes are a great option for seniors who no longer feel comfortable living alone and don’t want to burden their loved ones by moving in with them. It’s also a social environment where they can maintain their independence as they continue to age and need additional help. 

Ravenswood Care Center prepares nutritional meals for their residents. They also provide housekeeping and laundry services. This is extremely helpful for individuals who may lack the energy or physical ability to do these chores on their own.

Image of an assisted living care nurse giving a medical check up.A benefit for the elderly residing in assisted living homes is safety. The staff conducts regular medical checks and offers medication assistance when needed. This is helpful when there are several medications which are required at specific intervals. It also puts the minds of family members at ease when they know someone is always available if their loved one should have an accident or fall. The healthcare of the residents is very important to this facility and they have registered nurses and licensed practical nurses on site 24 hours a day to ensure this care.

While residents are welcome to continue to drive their own cars, transportation is provided to any resident who needs it. This is helpful for patients who have appointments with their personal physician or those who do not drive. Transportation is also available for residents to go on outings, such as to the swimming pool at the local senior center. In addition to the swimming pool, the residents at Ravenswood Care Center have access to all the senior center has to offer.

The improvement of overall quality of life through the increased opportunities for socialization and forming deep bonds of friendship through conversation, celebrations of special occasions, and social activities if one of the greatest benefits of residing in a senior assisted living facility such as Ravenswood. In addition to the informal meetings and gatherings which occur frequently in this center, such as eating meals together or talking walks and talking, the center’s activity director organizes a host of activities. For example, residents can participate in cornhole tournaments and ice cream socials without leaving the center. They can also take advantage of the on-site exercise facility.

The activity director also organizes a wide variety of outings so that the residents can enjoy time together out in the community. They go on shopping excursions, and enjoy the scenery and events at the Ohio Riverfront. They also take trips to the Library. One outing which many of the residents enjoy is “Friday Night Steak Nights,” at a local restaurant. The residents also participate in making apple butter to sell at the community’s local Oktoberfest.

Ravenswood Care Center: Exercise for Senior Citizens

Exercise helps elderly individuals maintain mobility, look and feel younger, ward off future negative health impacts, and reduce the symptoms of many chronic conditions. It also increases socialization opportunities and adds structured physical activity to their daily lives. For these reasons along with the many other benefits, Ravenswood Care Center offers an on-site exercise and fitness center at their assisted living facilities.

Physical, Emotional, and Mental Benefits

Image of a Ravenswood resident exercisingExercise can greatly improve overall health. It can speed metabolism, which naturally slows with aging, and increases muscle mass allowing the individual to maintain a healthy weight. This improves energy levels, blood pressure, digestive functions, heart heath, and bone density which decreases the impact of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. It helps seniors gain better strength, posture, and flexibility which in turn aids mobility and balance, decreasing the chance for falls and improving their overall quality of life.

These benefits help boost self-confidence and self-esteem, which indirectly enhances socialization and caring for one’s self. Exercise is known to produce endorphins which improves overall mood and reduces the chance of depression. It can also help the individual fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper sleep which positively impacts their emotional health.

Studies have shown that exercise helps to keep the brain active in addition to the body. Increased brain function can prevent cognitive decline and memory loss which is often a side-effect of the naturally aging process. It has also shown the ability to slow the progression of brain disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Ways to get Active

It is recommended for elderly individuals who are just beginning an exercise program after a long period of inactivity to start slow. They should receive medical clearance and have a comprehensive understanding of their abilities and limitations. Residents are reminded to stretch before beginning their workout and to keep water handy when using the fitness center. If they feel sharp pain or experience shortness of breath they should stop and make a staff member aware of their situation.

Individuals who have physical disabilities should find an exercise program that has built in accommodations, such as chair yoga or lifting light weights. Residents are encouraged to branch out from the fitness center and engage in social physical activities such as walking around the grounds. They also have access to the pool at the local senior center. Aquatic aerobics, swimming laps, or simply walking from one side of the pool to the other is a great way to exercise. This is also a positive option for individuals with physical limitations as movement in water is often easier.

Ravenswood Care Center is known for its warmth and homey feel. They make all of their meals from scratch and the food is legendary. Their staff has dedicated themselves to providing quality care to the elderly in a respectful manner while encouraging their independence. Ravenswood Care Center offers many physical and social activity options which give their residents the opportunity to live full and happy lives in their later years. Contact us today.