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Ravenswood Care Center: Center for Assisted Living

Ravenswood Care Center is located just blocks away from the Ohio River in Ravenswood, WV. Opened nearly 50 years ago by the late June Harless, it is now operated by her daughter, Phyllis Myers. The staff consists mainly of registered & licensed practical nurses, certified nurse assistants, and resident assistants. The facility is licensed by the state of West Virginia, and has operated out of its current location since 1983.

Photo of the Ravenswood Care Center in Ravenswood, WV

This assisted living facility bridges the gap between independent living and nursing homes for individuals who may need some aid with daily activities. There are approximately 80 residents living in the apartment-style private or dual occupancy suites. Many of these individuals still lead independent lives but have chosen this facility to peacefully age. For seniors who have serious illnesses, physical, or mental disabilities, this facility provides medical nursing services around the clock.