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Assisted Living

The Benefits of Ravenswood Assisted Living Care

Assisted living homes are a great option for seniors who no longer feel comfortable living alone and don’t want to burden their loved ones by moving in with them. It’s also a social environment where they can maintain their independence as they continue to age and need additional help. 

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Respite Care

The Benefits of Respite Care and Their Caregivers

Taking care of your elderly loved ones can be fulfilling, but there are times when you need a break or when your attention is needed somewhere else. Enlisting the help of a respite care facility can give you the flexibility you need to ensure your loved ones get the best care while you take a break or attend to other matters.

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About Us

Ravenswood Care Center: Center for Assisted Living

Ravenswood Care Center is located just blocks away from the Ohio River in Ravenswood, WV. Opened nearly 50 years ago by the late June Harless, it is now operated by her daughter, Phyllis Myers. The staff consists mainly of registered & licensed practical nurses, certified nurse assistants, and resident assistants.

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